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Affordable Housing Partners

R1 Living are working with multiple affordable housing partners and housing associations to help achieve the 25% MMC targets. 

SIPS offers speed of delivery, unconstrained design, cost certainty, and high levels of energy efficiency making it the ideal solution to address the MMC targets for new developments of any scale.


We continually look for areas of land and undertake feasibilities that we can provide to housing associations for development consideration.

Property Developers

R1 Living offer a full 'turn-key' solution and can work with property developers from the concept stage through to design, planning, and construction. We aim to provide a one-stop service for the delivery of SIPS homes, providing cost certainty and speed of delivery.


If you are considering a new development, or are intending to deliver a portion of an existing development using MMC then we would welcome the opportunity to see how we can help.

Architects & Consultants

Designing buildings to take advantage of a SIPS super-structure is not something all architects and consultants are familiar with. As there is now added pressure for MMC to be considered for new developments, R1 Living welcome the opportunity to engage with Architects and Consultants at the feasibility and concept design stage to assist and advise on design.


We work closely with multiple architects and consultants nationally, whether they be designing a one-off property, to a large-scale housing development.


If you are a self-builder, and actively considering a SIPS home, whether that be for speed, cost certainty of energy, and performance benefits, R1 Living will work with you to plan, design, and construct your build.


We offer a full 'turn-key ' service if that is something you are looking for, or we can look at a supply only, or supply and install of just the SIPS superstructure, enabling you to manage the project and complete the development independently.

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