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Why SIPs?

(Structurally Insulated Panel System)

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SIPs is a unique building system whereby the 'superstructure' of a house is manufactured in a controlled factory environment, which is then delivered to the site in kit form.


The SIPs kits are erected by our specialist teams in a matter of days, achieving a structurally sound and weather-tight building envelope.


This means that external trades (brickwork/claddings, roofing, etc.) can happen in parallel with internal trades (electrics, plumbing, carpentry). This enables a significant reduction in the construction programme, and on larger developments, we believe we can reduce construction programme lengths by up to 50% when compared to a standard brick-and-block build.

Wind Turbines

Energy Efficiency

SIPs Panels are manufactured as a 'sandwich panel'. Two sheets of structural OSB board have a layer of insulation injected between them, bonding the panels together without any introduction of additional timbers.


This prevents any 'thermal break' within the structure, achieving exceptional thermal performance and air leakage results.


The overall structure is then coupled with high-efficiency mechanical heating, ventilation, and cooling systems along with electrical systems that offer outstanding energy efficiency for the completed build

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Despite there being little difference in overall material cost when comparing a SIPs build to other build methods, significant cost advantages can be achieved through the off-site construction and fabrication processes, and reduced on-site programmes.


Manufacturing in a controlled factory environment enables waste minimisation through design optimisation. Each section of the building is manufactured in the most efficient way to reduce wastage.


Reducing the on-site programme has significant cost advantages. Site preliminary costs form an 'un-seen' but a large portion of build costs, and reducing the programme length of each residential unit helps minimise preliminary costs saving thousands on the overall build cost.


When looking at 'multi-unit' developments, design repeatability and SIP panel standardisation can also be achieved by reducing offsite construction costs significantly also.

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Quality Control

SIPs panels are manufactured in a bespoke, purpose-built factory environment. Each panel traverses through multiple quality control checks, with all timber being sustainably sourced from FSC-certified suppliers, and manufactured in line with ISO9001 standards for control.


Each individual panel is inspected at multiple stages to ensure satisfactory adhesion and structural rigidity before being passed through to the fabrication process.


In the fabrication factory, each panel and timber is cut using the latest technology to ensure accuracy, and help to minimise wastage. Each SIPs structure is pre-designed using BIM software that then directly feeds the cutting information to the fabricators. Once cut, each panel and section is then independently checked and verified before being packaged and sent to site for erection.

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SIPs is an 'unconstrained' building system. There are no strict design rules or considerations to follow. A SIPs structure can be fully self-supporting up to 4 stories, and can be used in higher developments through the introduction of supporting steelwork.


Other MMC systems, such as modular, have to be designed to with consideration for transport, which can limit section or room sizes and heights. As SIPs is a panellised system, we can design and deliver against almost any design and still achieve the significant advantages attributed to a SIPs build.

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Certified & Accredited

In order to meet all guidelines, our SIPS Homes are fully BBA certified, and all developments will meet fully with the NHBC design requirements.


In addition, we are actively working towards consistent achievement of both Passivhaus and Net-Zero, along with the associated accreditation.

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